The PSX - PORT for AMIGA. We are going to discover this adapter together for Playstation " joypad " (set down mark by " SONY "), that will return us very service because the AMIGA joypad are rare and dear.
The PSX - PORT is the best compromise: simple of use, effective, compatible with nearly all existing joypad, he/it accepts the quadrupleur of SONY " mark " and his/her/its cards memoirs; compatible to 100% with the lowlevel.library (what permits to use all buttons of joypad). Concerning the installation it is necessary to connect the adapter rightly on the parallel port standard of the amiga, I said standard well! because on my fast parallel card (multiface 3) it didn't work. By precaution to exercise the branching computer extinguishes. Then to install the PSXPort.device driver in " DEVS: " and the tour is played!
Then for émuler to the maximum the " lowlevel.library " it is necessary to use the JoyPortEmul " program " (delivered with the PSX - PORT), he/it permits to select the joypad as well as harbors of the quadrupleur.


Also delivered with the PSX - PORT, the PSXPortTest " program " permits to verify the good working of joypad.


One of the negative points is the food of motors (vibration), they didn't find better than to put a battery squared of 9 volts (the parallel port doesn't have indeed of exit 9 volts in standard), a small food transforming type would not have been of too much. Finally, fortunately (...unfortunately...) none AMIGA games doesn't manage vibrations otherwise one would be liveliness to change the battery all evenings (consumption of motors obliges!!). This is not big thing because, handyman as you are (...), this won't be complicated to add a food.
Let's pass then to the compatibility of quadrupleurs, don't especially buy any illegitimate " marks ", because I made the experience of it to my depend, nothing is recognized, it is at the level the total shambles of harbors. Take the SONY " mark " exclusively so not of problem. A list is provided in " amigaguide " for the material compatibility.
A last word before leaving us, I find that there are few games using the " lowlevel.library " (or then they are programmed very badly). In short, I hope that it is going to change and especially as all last emulators will support the second joypad on the PSX adapter. Voilà, I finished some and if you have questions to put, don't hesitate to write me.


My dealer: SL - DIFFUSION