The last article on the FAST-ATA 1200 was complete enough. This one is a supplement for the AMIGA 4000 bus here the controller connects on the bus ZORRO 3 and not on the harbor of the ROMS as it is the case on Amiga 1200. This controller has 2 harbors IDE 3.5 (he is to note that the harbor IDE 2.5 exists only on A1200 version), 1 primary and 1 secondary, we also have a skewer 2 points to connect the led of hard drive activity, therefore, this stroke, not need to plant out on the IDE harbor of basis. It is not necessary to make a mistake of sense to the controller's insert otherwise he/it risks to have thick damages. Take the 2 skewers IDE 3.5 for reference mark, when the card is in the common sense skewers are at the rear of theAMIGA.


Now plug the skewer of the led, and don't forget!!!!!, there has a sense also. Voilà, he/it only remains to start the machine to verify the controller's good working. Small recall: is the FAST-ATA 4000 as autobootable, can you put your partition SYSTEM on the IDE accelerator, terrific!!! no???. can He arrive that the hard drive boote not on the FAST - ATA, this he is not that is in reason that the IDE tablecloth is, do cut the red thread and all will go in in the order (did I have the problem). Second advice: use 2 peripherals imperatively (HD, CDrom,LS120 etc.), one on every harbors of the interface otherwise you risk to have problems of starting. We can now install the pilot who is on the disk. As adjusting preferences puts the two harbors on " PIO4 " because the " PIO5 " doesn't function, the legend tells that the BIOS contains a bug, reassure you the " PIO4 " is a bomb all. If you have a disk of more than 4 GIGA, put it in DISK-NO-SPLIT, it is for the direct SCSI.

Préférences du FAST-ATA.

If we had to make a comparison between the version of the FAST-ATA 1200 and the one of the 4000, I would say that they are worth themselves extensively, (to this detail meadows the A4000 version is faster to install), debits are the same and the 2 versions hold the road. You want some supplementary information, write me.


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