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It concerns in priority power - up cards of at " PHASE 5 " and especially the Blizzard-PPC because power - pc is our last exit. Therefore I went to make my small shoppings on internet and I found very good things that I tested with success on my PPC 603+ 240 Mhz. Before beginning my small narration I would not be responsible for your clumsiness, it is only information and all manipulations are to your own risks. Therefore we are going to speak of all it, there are first of all two solutions for the overclocking of the PPC, the first is to modify the bus of the card what goes nevertheless to give the " peps " to your card but veiled, we are limited to a bus of 66 maximum Mhz (if you already possess a quartz to 66 Mhz in standard on your card, pass directly to the of second solution), it is really quite simple, to change quartz 60 Mhz against a 66 Mhz is sufficient, you can put some intermediate quartz of course, for my part I tested 64 Mhz it functions marvellously and the PPC took 20 Mhz with all that, therefore I let you imagine to 66 Mhz!!, this solution is made for people who don't know too or then simply that have fear to damage their card, hey well it is your solution for the overclocking. For the second solution drank it is to increase the voltage of the CPU, this is not at all risky but it asks a lot more for attention and manipulations, this second solution will bring you a lot more of power because one will be able to go up until has 270Mhz on a card to 240 Mhz, besides while speaking of that it is even possible to go up to 300 Mhz but the ex & PPC exécutables function very badly (I tested), to you to decide what will be the good remedy to your Power - Up.


We are going to especially start the second solution respect my orders and PPC RULEZ correctly!!. has the original position of resistances on the card, welded of course from where the difficulty: We must calculate by factors multipliers. The present position of resistances uses the factor " 4 times " the fashion of calculation is the next one: The bus of the processor uses the quartz of 60 Mhz and to get the present speed of the processor in Megahertz us make this operation: 60 MHZ X 4 = 240 MHZ. Our objective is to be able to get the maximum of our accélérator card therefore a power of 270 Mhz because 300 Mhz and very unsteady with softs, except if the bus of your card is to 66,666 Mhz (but to try!!). first of all we are going to take accélérator card of our beautiful Amiga and to put it s ur a very clean, very protected surface because we are going to weld and déssouder. He/it is going to be necessary to us the material of good quality, a pump to tin, an iron to weld precision, of the tin and a lot of patience because it is very meticulous. Therefore to carry the pump to tin and déssouder quartz to 60 Mhz otherwise we don't have access to resistances. One alone all small like that just recall: everything that you will disassemble should recover the initial working sense therefore if you are not sure of you, make reference marks on components or on paper to the risk to make of your PPC card one microwaves or simply a barbecue, if you opt for the second choice, foresee merguez. Let's continue on that, after having put down quartz us can attack most meticulous, for all cards the first resistances leaving from the processor 040 will be touched never, it is only the 4 following that interest us. For the possessor of the 603 to 240 Mhz the factor multiplier and of X 4 (to see the diagram here - under), to arrive to 270 Mhz the mailman X4.5 is necessary.


Therefore the three resistances to move are the 1, 2 and 4 (to carry a small clip to depilate to give a bit of help little to withdraw resistances as well as to carry up them) 240 mhz 270 mhz For possessors of cards 603 to 200 Mhz it will depend on sets, because some have quartzes to 60 Mhz and others to 66.666 Mhz, I let you even calculate you your factor and especially to find the best compromise because I could not make a test on those cards. For my part I am a mad of the overclocking and all cards that I possessed one been touched. Therefore if I can help you, I would make it with pleasure.
I forgot a small thing rightly, the 040 to 25 Mhz pass without no problem to 32 Mhz (with obligatory ventilation), therefore to put a quartz of the frequency of 64 Mhz instead the 50 Mhz. To push it to 40 Mhz be declare the death of the processor 040 (I recall that it is in the length and non immediate, I let you judge by you even). It is necessary to know a last thing rightly, the SCSI is managed by the 040, therefore to you to find the conclusion. Personally my PPC card turns very well and especially without planting. Not to forget to ventilate the 040 because he/it risks strong to hurt. A small advice if you don't want to constantly plant with your PPC cards, procure you a motherboard of last generation it functions greatly better, I know, it is expensive but it is confirmed, ç has terrific march well and farewell the inopportune crash. Otherwise I wish you to succeed and to take advantage of this new power.
Good continuation to you and the next for the new. Quick the AMIGA and strongly that it leaves to show them that our computer is not always out of date and especially as it lives again. If you want to contact send me me an e-mail to: nouvel.hugues@wanadoo.fr
PS: This article has been rewritten and has been put up to date in exclusive rights for the fanzine BOING ATTACK (that I adore), I wish them a long life.