Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper


Here I am back to make you a small article, this time, on the Catweasel MK3 PCI/Flipper of INDIVIDUAL COMPUTERS, it left!

The object in question is delivered in a limps type accélérator card, wrapped not therefore well of problems with shocks of the transportation, all drivers are provided on Cdrom, for the PC of Win2000 to WinXP (for Win98 it is to recover one clean on the site of Individual computers), for the AMIGA CLASSIC all configurations (drivers 68K), for the PEGASOS G3-G4-G5-G12 ;o). has a long tablecloth for readers of disks 3 ½ and 5 ¼, besides they recommend the reader of TEAC " mark " because there were a lot of worries with readers of Mitsumi " marks " and " Samsung ", for my part I use a reader of Sony " mark " and it functions marvellously.

On the Cdrom you will find various emulators to fully exploit your card Catweasel MK3 and of course all indispensable tools to have access to the connected disk readers on the card (parameters, patchs, various disk formattings etc.)

This card is to the format compatible PCI on all PC, MAC, PEGASOS, AMIGAONE and to the ZORRO format (2 and 3) to be compatible with the AMIGA CLASSIC there is a harbor clock permitting to connect to an AMIGA 1200 not again endowed of a ZORRO bus even (ISA type well on ;o), on the other hand the small adapter is not provided with the card but one can order it for a reasonable sum.
We recover 2 connectors for joystick (9 points trapezoidal Sub-D) compatible with numerous handles of years 80-90 we have a harbor then AMIGA keyboard (mini - DIN) connector of origin of the A4000, on the other hand as buying a DIN>PS2 adapter at any dealer " Pcul's " you can use the A2000 keyboards and A3000.

Small + for enthusiasts of the Commodore C64 you will find on the card a SID (Sound Interface Device) to be able to replay your old pieces with the chip of origin or equivalent, possibility to put 2 chips in standard on the card: the SID type 8580 or the SID type 6581, a jumper is to activate for the chip 6581 because the voltage is different (to make smoke not the card and the chip… very ;o), a RCA exit (mono of course) is at the rear of the card for the SID, otherwise in interns you can plug on your sound card of origin, with the cables standard (4 points type reader Cdrom), the exit of the SID that will function on 2 ways in mono after having activated the mono " jumper ".

The material installation is very simple, insert the PCI card in a free slot connects the tablecloth then to your or your D7 connect cable audio in intern of disks if you want to use nourish him then him while pushing on Power.
Now pass to the software installation of the MK3 PCI/FLIPPER, for my part I arrange for tests of a " rotating Pcul " under Win2000Pro with all last stakes at days of which DirectX9, a 2000XP+ with DDR 512Mo.
I insert the Cdrom then I launch " addition again then peripheral " I click on well stocked disk and I orient him on the Cdrom to the Windows " part " and select the first pilot and there surprised, me had seen again ever as quickly " reboot Windfuck 2000 ", crash succeeds and missed installation.
After have start, the system told me that he/it has just found new peripherals and that he/it wants therefore not to install them therefore of problems I let it put his/her/its generic drivers and me I iron behind him to install the good pilots one by one, of course a small resurgence of the friendship and there all is in place, what pleasure after a little sweat to see that all pilots function correctly.

- Pass to the first test: under the operating system I launch the tool provided " ImageTool " that permits to make of pictures of AMIGA disks 880 ko or 1,76 and PC 880 ko or 1,44. I launch my first picture to make, all happens well, I record it under a " .ADF ", it is an AMIGA disk in 880ko.
I launch WinUAE0822R8 and load the picture made some minutes before and there surprised all functions marvellously, what treat to see that all our old disks go can be protected then at will usable under UAE emulation.

Second test: under WinUAE with as system V 3.9 + Dopus Magellan under P96 and JIT activated, it is necessary to know that the Catweasel MK3 is supported by WinUAE since the version 0 .8.22R4S but that all the indispensable tools to make recognize it in emulation have been forgotten therefore in the well stocked CD I went to make my shoppings on internet and I found. The page of instruction to configure the MK3 is there: and as reading us well learns that we must recover bookstores windfuck that you find there: to have access to the " harbors - Io " they are to put directly in the WinUAE index and we also need a tool to be able to know the adress of the card on the following tie: Then it is necessary double to click on " io.bat " and there magnificent! we have the exact adress of the card; attention: if you change the card of PCI harbor your adress won't be more therefore the same everything that one is going to make could function more.
In a shell you are going to have information on the card, MEM,; IO and IRQ, what interests us that is " IO ", there are 8 numbers or letters separated of a dash, it should look like that: " IO: f876-90ff ", us one will keep the 4 numbers or letters before the drawn. Must we publish .UAE configuration then and will you find line " catweasel_io=0x in????, do you have only has put your 4 numbers and letters instead points of questioning and the tour play, don't forget to protect the file of preference, do launch the emulation then. is The CDrom well recognized (the reader CDrom under WinUAE is the unit: 0 and the device: uaescsi.device) but before installing pilots it is necessary to read the " readme " because it is necessary to first " assign " the index otherwise the installation will be missed completely or make then as me all by hand, it is only mountlist " with device ", otherwise follow the installer and make your choice, for my part I installed everything but formats of disks in 5 " ¼ because as not arranging it didn't serve to anything.
Then " reboot " and make yourselves pleasure try all disks that you want (very sure supported) and there a treat that functions, launch preferences of multidisk in Prefs and put the Noclicks " functions " and " enhanceds then error correction " adjust seek delayses " to 06 ms if you have the JIT activated because the timing of the " CIA " is not exact.

I hold as to signal that harbors joystick, harbor keyboard and SID also function, but me I am not delayed over, there is ;o).

Third test: Change of machine, I pass under PEGASOS and MorphOS with the JIT activated. The material installation is also very simple because one insert the PCI card in one of the free slot then one connects tablecloth all D7 of disks one nourishes the then while pushing on Power.
For what is the installation we will be able to install pilots only for readers of disks bus no other drivers have been made harbors joystick for the meantime therefore + the harbor keyboard + the SID is not yet supported but it could manage in months to come, that knows...
The installation makes himself for the meantime by hand because there is not to install again, it is necessary to know that we need the " openpci.library.elf " of the Fat95 " filesystem " to read the Pcul's disks and of the " fastfilesystem " of the 3.1 to be able to read the Amiga disks it is then mountlist " that will make the continuation of the ;o), as soon as the installation is finished, you can reboot or double to click on mountlist " and to take advantage of a disk reader can read the old Amiga disks under MorphOS as well as of course the Pculs " disks " therefore the top.

This card is a pure marvel for readers of disks because we arrange a big recognized format choice and especially we can exploit him on the completely different machines.
For what is the " more ", that is to say harbors joystick, the harbor keyboard and the SID one likes or one doesn't like bus for my part that is the management of disk readers that makes the strong point of the card, for what is harbors joystick us can use the USB to see harbors of machine origins, for the keyboard it is a little similar and for the SID to part the nostalgic of the Commodore C64 for the use of the origin chip, we arrange powerful enough machines to can to perfection emulation the " SID " but all it is only a personal opinion, to you to see what is " to keep and to throw ", on the other hand I regret the lack of documentations paper a lot for installation hardware and software because one puts itself some questions.
I forgot a lot of things surely and can be even I am I expressed badly, don't hesitate then to contact me.
Voilà I believe that I finished some for this time and I tell you therefore at next.
Thanks for the loan of the card to APS and thank you for his/her/its good advices for the use of the card.
Thank you to Boing Attack to sustain our community that revie of days in days.

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N.B: Following tests and tests I have been wrapped by the card I exchanged him therefore against a small check to APS ;o)

Amigalement Huno

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