I went to make a tour with all my friends (cuckoo buddies! ! ! !) to l´AMIGA 2001 history to see our new machine " THE PEGASOS " turning (splendid), and while seeing demonstrations of the G-REX cracked A4000 and bought this superb jewel that, I think, is the bus the fastest PCI of the moment.

This PCI bus can be connected to all Cyberstormses MK3 are PPC or 68K, he connects on the CybervisionPPC bus.

The bus is sold in a beautiful cardboard with his/her/its small logo G-REX dinosaur marked D (Desktop) on quoted it and when one opens the box us perceive that the all is wrapped well and protected therefore not of worries of breaks it, then we discover under the card well wrapped CDROM installation + drivers (and yes DCE, him, provide drivers without making buy them some months after the exit of their cards).

The famous well stocked CDROM well useful to the installation of our BUS G-Rex and his/her/its peripherals.

The famous well stocked CDROM well useful to the installation of our BUS G-Rex and his/her/its peripherals

After having unpacked the card of his/her/its shockproof plastic armor we discover a card finished electronic at the level well but while watching readier one was repeatedly débuger on the ZORRO 3 and on l´interface of the PCI bus that connects on the CybervisionPPC bus, surely of youth bugs while hoping that the new revisions will be modified.

To begin us are going to give his/her/its technical features:

- Bus 4 slots ZORRO 2/3 of which 1 slot video + 4 PCI (for version desktop).

- Bus 32 bit compliant PCI 2.1.

- PCI bus compatible 33 Mhz 66 Mhz

- Bus 32 DMA bit with the CyberstormPPC (specified not for the MK3 68K).

- Bus ZORRO 2/3 (Based on frequency horloge Of the 68K)

- Boot VGA in the flashrom for cards graphic Voodoo 3 (last Flash update).

- Cyberstorm debit toward PCI = 50 Mo per seconds (about).

- PCI.library in flashRom.

- Supported multi - monitor (4 graphic cards on buses)

- Graphic support of course official and professional CybergraphX 4 of Vision Factory.

- For the 3D Warp3D.

Before all things the BIOS of the Cyberstorm card must be flashed, therefore to take the last update on the site of DCE that contains the new version of the PCI.library here the one permits the PAL boot in VGA on cards VOODOO 3 and of course the management of the G-REX bus.

For flash correctly it is necessary that the " Device SCSI " is disactivated and then you need to copy the good executable on a disk (so possible new to avoid mistakes of readings), then to extinguish your AMIGA.

Insert the disk in the reader and light l´AMIGA, maintain pushed the two buttons of the mouse for the " EARLY START-UP " and click on " boot with no startup sequence " and as soon as you made this action maintain the S " key " of the keyboard until l´accès to the shell, simply to disactivate the " Device " of the SCSI, on the other hand you can make the following test to see if opération succeeded well:

In the shell hit: cybscsi.device " version - ENTER full " -

And if you have the version of Device " c´est that functioned not opération, therefore to redo (good luck! ! !).

Otherwise you will have a line error to tell you that Device " not present and there it means that all functioned, therefore we can launch the good executable that it finds on the disk by the shell.

To wait that the program of " Flash update " marks " you done " in end of line, and now you can calm rebooter all in maintaining the ESC " button " of the keyboard and the 2 buttons of the mouse for reparametter your card because all your old regulating one been crushed by the news " Flash update ", we will also notice that in the menu we have like PCI " novelty " and when you click yourselves over see the function of every card that is connected on your PCI bus (ex: VGA; SOUND etc..) as well as adress hardware of the peripheral, cool no? ? ? .

Then you need to install the last drivers that you will be able to find on the site of DCE to the Download section.

To be able to use the last updates of CybergraphX do you need to buy the CDROM CGX4 otherwise you won't be able to use, on the other hand the bus is delivered with a complete and functional version of CGX but previous to the one existing currently therefore full non-existent option, in short better that nothing, no? ? ?.

I can make the test on several PCI cards and results were more satisfactory.


For cards graphics:

- S3 VIRGE DX 86C375 4 Mo (memory to 83Mhz) Driver VIRGE CGX Version 4.3 Béta:

Function marvellously in 2D the graphic layer is steady but cherry on the cake, videos don't want to function ;o(, completely windpipes and crash in the stride.

In short it is can be due to my mark or version of card S3 VIRGE, me cannot solve the problem.

- SUITED 6326 8 Mo exit TV + composite Driver SIS6326 Version 2.2 archives:

Function very well in 2D but the driver is again béta of at béta because not the last version of CGX and in addition installer is necessary by hand not inclusive in l´installer of G-REX basis.

Then at the end of some minutes my screen gets confused for no reason at all and that plants sulphurizing ;o(.

On the other hand thick positive point, the card is terrific powerful in " Overlay " and really incredible me ever seen of videos to go so quickly on my A4000 this card, even as opening the window in big on a thick resolution screen it doesn't flinch, strongly take a new driver to fully take advantage of this terrific graphic card.

- VOODOO card 3 2000 16 Mo Driver VOODOO3 CGX Version 4.3 Béta:

Simply " superb ", the 2D is very steady, one can go up in super resolutions, very pleasing, videos are as fast and astonishing as on the graphic card SUITED 6326.

At this day we are some to the version 4.3 Release 3 of CGX but this is not the top, the overlay not to support in full screen a few bugs of displays (especially for the pointeur), total incompatibily with MESAGL (in short at home) and of other programs, while knowing that the other RTG cards of it is nevertheless to the 4.3 Release 5 we have a certain delay therefore for a so young bus, I wonder if they didn't stop the dévelopement ;o(.

- For the 3D Driver VOODOO 3 AVENGER Warp3D 4.2a:

In 3D the VOODOO 3 2000 doesn't function at home, in short she plants at the end of 5 minutes of games.

Certain GOSSIP information the G-REX would not support overclocking of the 060 to 66,666 Mhz because the constructor would have taken a frequency of 50 Mhz as a basis in short I find that even silly because I know Amigaîstes that are not overclockers very little, already not of cards fast so in addition it is necessary to all to let origine to be able to benefit of the new cards that becomes heavy.

Are going to remedy it because I would never come back behind level overclocking because it is too pleasing a 68060 as fast.

The only worries are that if I am not the only to have this problem it risks to harm to the new game 3D sale, because why to buy one games 3D AMIGA not to can this not? ? ?, will my case be in any case and when drivers will function correctly the new games 3D.

For info makes translate the documentation of the G-REX Allemande and him tells no moment that the Cyberstorm card must have a frequency of 50 Mhz on the 68K so that the bus functions correctly.

My CybervisionPPC functioned marvellously therefore with the 68K to 66,666 Mhz I don't see the problem, the only solution is that the Warp3D drivers are based on frequency original of the Cyberstorm and when one passes it makes plant the machine, strongly an optimization of drivers.

I think is going to have more there updatings and that those will be optimized here and steady.

Supplementary information:

I have written to HYPERION and they tell me that can be my food that would not be powerful (for info it makes 250 watts), but after change of the one crash are here always present (it makes 300 watts), therefore is to the same point.

And to be sure that it doesn't come from my card 3D me reflashed with the last version and tried on a PC and him doesn't have therefore " of crash NO HOW ".

For cards sounds:

- TERRATEC 128iPCI (ESS Solo 1) Driver SOLO1 of the 24/10/2001:

Me n´ai can make the test correctly with the card that I possessed in not knowing if it functioned correctly before bringing up it on the G-REX but successful to hear some minutes the sound to come out of this card but that in HIFI fashion under AHI v5 and after multiple " REBOOTS " cardmore to be recognized software at the level therefore me retired, a pity l´ai because very beloved j´ato make tests to compare it to my Delfina DSP.

For cards networks:

- CARD NETWORK RTL 8029 Driver rtl_8029pci Version 1.3 of the 20/09/2001:

Function half at home, there are again some small worries with this device, the sharing of connection only functions in a sense and if one forces of too much it plants and reboot ordinateur. And what regret of no available documentation to manage to best this driver (ex: duplex full etc..), more work too to be urgent, strongly the updating to be able to throw a stroke eyes on the documentation if there are ;o).

- CARD NETWORK RTL 8029 Driver rtl_8029pci Version 1.5 of the 15/04/2002:

Always function half at home, the sharing of connection functions terrific very AMIGA toward PC, on the other hand the inverse is catastrophic, debits are slow but that functions nevertheless without crash. Still not of available documentation to manage to best this driver (ex: duplex full etc..), there is only has wait once again.


Otherwise in ensemble they worked well because the development is to his/her/its beginnings, c´est already not too pain, of this BUS is between good hands.

For my part I find is convenient to use but all time installation n´est not so easy that that (in fichage of 2 BUSES at the same time) but it is necessary to be meticulous and all happens marvellously.


I thank " A.P.S " to have had in stock a VOODOO 3 2000 16 Mo so card network that I hastened to buy him, and I also thank it for sustains it of l´AMIGA for that he/it demolishes himself/itself because he/it always has the stock and especially not to contact it.

I also thank our friend J.J BOULET " AMIGA CENTER " repaired my CyberstormPPC card because without her me can ever make all these tests and can put a G-REX over. We have lucktherefore in France a specialist repairer for AMIGA as soon as you don't have a Hardware problem on your " MIGA ", phone him, he/it will make all possible sound to put back you on feet your " favorite ordi ".

Long life to all representatives of l´AMIGA and especially not that is stuffed of good things, l´année 2002 will be marked " BOING NOUVEAU ".

PS :This tests have been made on an AMIGA Desktop put in Tower, and I am anxious to signal that every configurations are different and that it risks not to react similar that at me at the level of compatibility.