1200 GOLD

We are going to speak of a thing that touches us all of ready, the speed of the IDE bus that possesses our good old AMIGA 1200.

I ts slowness is not anymore to blow, to remedy there I have recourse therefore to the accelerator FAST ATA EIDE of at ELBOX. What is this therefore? It simply consists in deviating the debit of the basis IDE in EIDE FAST ATA-2, therefore an extensively superior debit can reach the 16 MOS per seconds (in theory, very sure!!), it depends on many factors, the speed of your hard drives, your " fast spins system " as well as the memory tampon that you will have allocated to him, in short for my part I don't have disk of last generation and I have in spite of all one rate of transfer of more than 4 MO, and in copy I pass the 6 MO, therefore not of concern to that level.
Finally, we find hard drives nowadays really not dear and of good quality, therefore why not to make itself/themselves pleasure a good time for all, go!!!! 50 GIGAS for the gentleman. Now that we had a small before taste of this kid jewelries us are going to speak a little more technical. Me the repet ever enough but I won't be held responsible for damages that you will be able to inflict to your Amiga, therefore opinion to handymen of the Sunday, is better to make make it by a no one that knows the thing. As you are going to note it this is not complicated trés but it is necessary to follow explanations and to make it without hurrying bus to my knowledge well has at least an A1200 card that made electric grillroom doesn't have so long that that (he/it will recognize himself/itself) therefore prudence, prudence.
First thing to make, it is to fall the motherboard (for tower), if you have a 1200 of basis, make jump the protective sheet metal (grid), and don't put back it more ever. To extract the ROM'S of their origin supports, attention!!, they were put in a sense and in a precise order, to respect them when you fix on the accelerator. to Take the accelerator and to fix it on the old sites of the ROM'S while respecting the shift of a skewer on the right, not to be afraid to push to fix the interface correctly (advice of my dealer because there are customers that didn't have of bad contacts and the computer bootait), attention!!, don't make nevertheless not the thick beefs, respect the material. Now put the ROM'ses on their new sites and maintain the whole with the help of the small necklace joins while passing it under the fixing of origin of the 1200, (what is especially for the safety) but it is nevertheless thought well. Was I going to forget!!, clips the other left from the card on our GAYLE friend, and besides while speaking of that, is there a small skewer that you will be able to act as reset hardware if you in not one before, friendly no?.
Then he/it remains us a thread to connect and it is finished (OUF!!). Then, this thread must be going to connect on the pine 39 of the old IDE harbor of the " MIGA " and to mark it it is necessary to count, and yes!!, this is not a joke, everybody doesn't know in what sense how to count skewers on an IDE harbor, therefore the sense of progression is the next one: there are 44 skewers, the first is cotè red thread, on the motherboard he/it marked 1 there, therefore you begin to count bottom in top while progressing of the right toward the left (the bottom of your A1200) and you stop on the skewer 39, now you can put the thread, there is that is made all is plugged for our beautiful E-IDE interface. I have a small photo history to see a little better the finished installation, it takes quite a lot of room but you are going to be satisfied with his/her/its quality and his/her/its simplicity of used tion:

Plug your IDE tablecloth while starting with the harbor primary 2,5 or 3,5 and has, ready to make heat the beast. To finish you can carry up your jewelries in their sites of origins (Tower or A1200 of basis), nourish all that and don't forget to insert the disk of installation otherwise you won't be able to have your terrific E-IDE functioned. Now the thick transfers are yours, I hope that you will be able to beat my record extensively (with my old disks), if you meet some problems, there are not of worries you can send me an e-mail to: nouvel.hugues@wanadoo.fr and I will make my possible to come you in help. Small things and tricks, for those that possess a card graphic B - VISION (what is my case), it is necessary to make a little force the card at an angle, it is not at all advisable but it is the only means to make bring in all it in your AMIGA, aprés, to you to decide the fate that you reserve to him, for my part all functions correctly it is necessary to go with sweetness to the installation rightly there because all it is well fragile. Negative points of the adapter: if you have an internal scandoubler of at MICRONIK gentleman you can tell him goodbye forever because all touches himself and there are sacred risks of courts - circuits, I don't come back on the B - VISION, I believe that you understood, I finish by best, I also have a DELFINA DSP and it is impossible to put it with the E-IDE adapter except if one heightens it (what I made), he/it has was necessary that I order some supplementary pieces, if you want the good address write me. Conclusion when one likes one doesn't count and the AMIGA remains a computer of "bidouilleur" and the pleasure is well present, I wish you a good continued ion and long life to our adored computer: THE AMIGA.

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